Scholarship Program


To assist in the training, re-training, or advancement of employees or potential employees of North Dakota franchised automobile and truck dealers in order to create a larger pool of qualified, committed long-term employees for those dealerships.


ADAND’s Scholarship Program is available to all employees or potential employees of North Dakota franchised car and truck dealerships, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Employees or potential employees must be approved by the dealer principal for training, re-training, or professional advancement.
  2. The employee or potential employee must be enrolled and accepted in a higher education curriculum, which is approved by the dealer principal as training applicable to the dealership’s needs. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled full-time in the approved course of study.
  3. The dealer principal must be willing to provide scholarship funds in the amount of $500, and must be a current member of ADAND.


Scholarship awards are currently set at $1,500 per recipient, per school year; ADAND will contribute $1,000 provided the dealer contributes $500. The intent of this scholarship is to provide dealer training funds, and it is not to be offered for other general purposes.

Applications must be made in writing by filling out the ADAND Scholarship Application Form and submitting it to ADAND. Scholarship awards will be assigned. If scholarship requests exceed available funds, scholarship awards will be made by random drawing. If scholarship funds remain, additional scholarship applications will be considered.

Scholarship awards will be limited to two per dealership per year, unless excess scholarship funds remain after the initial round of awards. If necessary, the second round of scholarship awards will be chosen by random drawing as well.

Scholarship awards are renewable for the second and subsequent years of the student’s educational program, as long as the student remains eligible and the dealer principal agrees to participate with contributing funds. Students must reapply for all scholarship renewals, and submit a progress report from their faculty advisor or department chairperson. Students shall not receive more than one scholarship per school year (in most cases a school year is considered to be from Aug. 1 - Jul. 31). Scholarships may be renewed once for students pursuing an associate’s degree or three times for students pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

Scholarship funds will be submitted to the school, and applied directly to student tuition. Both ADAND and dealer contributions must be received by the school prior to crediting the student’s tuition. Scholarship funds will be divided equally among the semesters or quarters to be attended during a given school year. Any breach of enrollment or other unsatisfactory performance in the course of the student’s studies will result in cessation of aid, at which time one-third of any remaining scholarship funds will be returned to the dealer and two-thirds of any remaining scholarship funds will be returned to the ADAND.

For more information contact:

Megan Birner
ADAND Executive Assistant
Ph. 701-293-6822